Wednesday, July 8, 2009

THIS MAN IS GREAT !!! according to Sharon HEHEHE !!! << will go sample this one for sure !!!

We all need help managing money - Budgets are hard to stick to this I know all to well - But I think it is time i sit and listen to those around me -- I may not be here tommorow but for today we all need to find ways to save as well as share -- I figured out part of it now on to the next part hahahahaha


Sharon is my best pal at work and more !!! and well she speaks way highly of this man -- She does our books at work and knows how a budget should flow -- So ummm I know when she speaks up in regards to money she most likely knows what she is talking about !!! Please take the time to go read also.

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover: Free 30-Day Subscription

Go here to download a printable coupon for a free 30-day subscription to Dave Ramsey's The website is designed to help you create a personalized plan for your money. You will have access to budget software, community forums, podcasts of The Dave Ramsey Show as well as a few other helpful resources. If you are struggling with debt, these resources could be the tools you need to help you find freedom from it. As Dave says, "Remember, debt is normal. Be weird!"

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  1. I have read and read some of his suggestions and they all make total sense. I want Gary to get hooked on him. If I can just convince Gary then we are all set.