Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Publix Trip 7/4/2009

I am so addicted hahaha ...

My oldest son meet me in town to do some shopping --
I wanted to stock up some more on things this week --

Will just give overall list -- hands tired hahaha


COST PER ITEM = $.24 cents each !!!

TOTAL OOP = $44.98



2 Packs of Chicken (gave one to my parents)
4 Packs of Hamburger (gave one to my parents)
12 Hamburger Helpers (gifting some out this week)
2 Kraft Bagelfuls
1 Pack of Lettuce
6 Luigi Italian Ice (gave 2 to parents & 2 to a friend)
5 Glade Lasting Impression
20 Edys Ice Cream Cups (for church)
6 Lays Chips
2 Publix Sodas (for my oldest son)
1 Pack of Roasting Pans (for church)
2 Bushes Baked Beans (had for 4th of July dinner)
3 Lays Dip (gave one to my oldest son)
4 Ziplock Containers (gave some to my parents)
2 Stove Top Dressings (for a receipe i been dying to try)
8 Kraft Mac & Cheeze Dinners (gave to my oldest son)
2 Hawaiian Punch
4 Chef Boyardee Pasta
32 Smuckers Ice Cream Syrups (gave 6 diff ones to parents)
12 A-1 Steak Sauces (gave 4 to alta ehhehe)
6 Glade Soy Candles (gave 2 to mom)
6 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
3 Hungry Jack Sryup
1 Coffee Mate
4 Ziplock Bags
4 Packs of Gum
2 Reach Toothbrushes
16 McCormic Grill Mate Seasonings (gave 5 to parents)
4 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce (used one for dinner MMM was good)
1 Chapstick Shimmer
2 Crab Boil Bags
1 Cascade Rinse
3 Gatorade's
4 Kraft Miracle Whips
1 Milky Way Bar

i think thats it ahhaha -- :)


  1. I'm going to get that good! You just keep teaching me. LOL

  2. yes u will :) hugs LISA --- hope u enjoyed the goodies william brought home !!!!!!

  3. The goodies that he brought home was excellent! I'm sorry that I wasn't feeling well. WOW - I can't believe how zapped I was from just driving to church yesterday morning. I couldn't do it again for the evening service and I had to get mom to take me today. My goodness!
    Thank you very, very much!

  4. Ur very welcome :) hope ur feeling better soon !!! <<< wants to go out to play ahahha

  5. Lisa,

    Did you get to use the McCormick Spice coupons for the Grill mate seasoning ?

  6. yes i was able to use them misty :)