Tuesday, June 30, 2009


WOOPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE -- Double Coupon Time Again

Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Kmart Double Coupon Event. We appreciate your interest in this promotion. This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 7/5-7/11.

The Gainesville and both Ocala stores are participating in the current event:




We invite you to visit any of the participating stores. Here are the details of the promotion:

Super Double Manufacturer Coupons Up to $2.00 !> with purchase of $25 or more in grocery & drugstore merchandise >>Participating stores only. Amount of credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the current retail price of a single item. No cash or in-store purchase credit will be awarded for any amount exceeding the retail price of the item. Limit 1 coupon for each item purchased. Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item. You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons. Excludes Buy One, Get One offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons. Coupons do not apply to sales tax. Limit 10 coupons per customer per day. Offer excludes products prohibited by law, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication. Not valid on non-merchandise, federal or state regulated items, prior purchases, Lands’ End, Sears merchandise rung on Sears registers within Kmart and kmart.com. In the event of a return, coupon savings may be deducted from the refund. Exclusions apply. Please see store associate for details.>Sears Holdings (Kmart) reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time.

Grocery and drugstore items include: all food items, health & beauty, baby diapers, household cleaning supplies, pet foods, detergents, paper goods, shampoos and other beauty items, over the counter medicines such as : Tylenol, aspirin, etc.

10 coupons, per day, per customer may be doubled. Additional coupons will be honored, just not doubled. Customer should choose which 10 they would like doubled.....$25 threshold is BEFORE coupon redemption.

Thank you for contacting us and have a wonderful day. :)

Organic Valley Kids Activity Booklet

Get the Organic Valley Kids Activity Booklet HERE. You’ll get a welcome kit and coupons.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

KMART PRINTABLE for this week !!!


My Publix Trip 6/27/2009

Things I got today are as follows:
My hands are tired so I am not adding coupon detail --
All coupons used are either Publix, Target, Food Lion, Kmart and various
Tearpad coupons I ordered from ebay and or Manufacture q's in date

I am missing one receipt pff --
I will find it & ADD in later :

it was a great savings as well --
In fact I was so far in the negative and didnthave more time to shop so
I quickly had her add a $10 Gift Card in the orderand ended up paying
right under $2 ---- GRRR i hate when i misplace things

OVERALL OOP = $28.07



6 Ziploc Bags
FREE w/coupon

4 Kotex Pads

4 Mac & Cheeze Cups
FREE w/coupon

3 Hamburger Helper

2 GE Lite Bulbs

2 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix

1 Hungry Jack Syrup

6 Kraft BBQ Sauce

2 Tostitos Chips

1 Tostito Salsa

TOTAL OOP = $2.17


4 Crystal Lite Drink Mix

3 Crystal Lite Essentials
FREE w/coupon

4 Wheat Thins

2 Post Trail Mix Cereals

2 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix

1 Hungry Jack Sryup

2 Kotez Pads

2 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

1 Pack of Gum

Total OOP = $9.40


4 Raid Bug Sprays

5 Ziploc Bags

1 Hormel Pork Tenderloin

1 Pam Spray

1 Matchlite Charcoal

1 GE Lite Bulb

TOTAL OOP = $3.07


2 Ritz Crackers

6 Wheat Thins

8 Crystal Light Drink Mix

1 Buitoni Pasta

1 Coffee Mate

1 Soft Soap Refill

1 Soft Soap Pump

5 Green Wise Cleaners
FREE w/coupon

TOTAL OOP = $3.28


2 Lipton Tea Bags

6 Kraft BBQ Sauce

6 Frenchs Mustards

1 Ziploc Bags

10 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

2 GE Lite Bulbs

2 Packs of Ground Chuck

4 Reach Dental Floss

TOTAL OOP = $ 9.35


1 Reach Floss

1 Hawaiian Punch Drink 1/2 gal

2 Chefboyardee Pastas

10 Kool Aid Packs

1 Bag Publix Sugar

12 Kraft BBQ Sauce

12 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

2 Lipton Tea Bags

6 Frenchs Mustards

1 Pack of Gum

1 Coffee Mate

TOTAL OOP = $.80


Saturday, June 27, 2009

TINY PIC . com


this is a great little site that allows u to upload a pic then
gives u a LINK to post on pages anywhere online !!!

wippie !!!!

My Publix Trip 6/26/2009

Stopped and picked up a few things from this weeks sale --

Did 3 transactions --
Here is what I got:

95% savings overall


Receipt #1

2 Schick Extreme 3 4pk Razors
- RAIN CHECK from 5/2009 BOGO
-(2) BOGO mq

2 Schick Quattro 4 pk Razors
- RAIN CHECK from 5/2009 BOGO
-(2) BOGO mq



Receipt #2

10 Arm & hammer Toothpaste
-(10) $1 mq

4 Glade Lasting Impressions
- (4) FREE mq

1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
1 Hungry Jack Syrup
-(1) FREE Pancake Mix wyb Syrup mq
-(1) FREE Pancake Mix wyb Scrup publix q
(the cashier accidentally entered this as a free Syrup)
-3.39 instead of 2.00 WOOT !! -- didnt notice till i got home

2 Schick Extreme 3 4pk Razors
- RAIN CHECK from 5/2009 BOGO
-(2) BOGO mq

2 Schick Quattro 4 pk Razors
- RAIN CHECK from 5/2009 BOGO
-(2) BOGO mq

-$5 kmart

TOTAL OOP = $4.29


Receipt #3

10 Arm & hammer Toothpaste
-(10) $1 mq

2 Glade Lasting Impressions
- (4) FREE mq

2 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
1 Hungry Jack Syrup
-(2) $.25 mq
-(1) FREE Pancake Mix wyb Syrup mq
-(1) FREE Pancake Mix wyb Scrup publix q

2 Schick Extreme 3 4pk Razors
- RAIN CHECK from 5/2009 BOGO
-(2) BOGO mq

2 Schick Quattro 4 pk Razors
- RAIN CHECK from 5/2009 BOGO
-(2) BOGO mq

3 Revlon Emory Boards
-(3) $2 publix q

-$5 kmart

TOTAL OOP = $3.89

Friday, June 26, 2009

BLOG NAME - Why did I choose this one ???

I was asked by someone why I named my blog what I did ---
There is a song i have come to LOVEEEEE !!!

The title is -- The Twenty-First Time --- by Monk & Neagle

The words say it all --------
He gave to me, now I’ll give back to them --
I am trying hard to give back for all the times
I have been helped along my way in life ---
Jesus is so awesome -- I will never be the same !!!

Nowhere to live
Nowhere to fall
He used to have money
But he’s wasted it all
His face is a photograph burned in mind
But I pretend not to see him for the twenty-first time

He sleeps under stars, it’s all he can afford
His blanket’s an old coat he’s had since the war
He stands on the corner of Carter and Vine
But I pretend not to see him for the twenty-first time

He may be a drifter who’s grown old and gray
But what if it’s Jesus and I walk away
I say I’m the body and drink of the wine
But I pretend not to see him for the twenty-first time

She’s 29 but she feels 48
She can’t raise three kids on minimum wage
She’s crying in back of the welfare lineB
ut I pretend not to see her for the twenty-first time

She may be a stranger trying to get through the day
But what if it’s Jesus and I walk away
I say I’m the body and drink of the wine
But I pretend not to see her for the twenty-first time

This is a call for a change in my heart
I realize that I’ve not been doing my part
When I needed a Savior, I found it in Him
He gave to me, now I’ll give back to them

Drifter or stranger, daughter or son
I’ll look for Jesus in everyone
‘Cause I am the body and drink of the wine
And I’m thankful there’s more than the twenty-first time


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Chinet Coupon with SASE!

I wanted everyone to know this great deal!

I was at a grocery store recently and saw this sign:
Sorry...All the coupons on this display have been used.

To receive a coupon, send self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Chinet Offer
P.O. Box 547
De Soto, KS 66018

Q is good for one package of Free Chinet Dipsposable Tableware
max value of $5.99!

Free 31 days supply of Joint juice

Complete a short survey to qualify to receive a 31 - day supply of joint juice. I just completed and it said I wud be receiving my supply in 2-3 weeks. Here's the link : Joint Juice Joint Health Challenge


I will be holding another class @ BRONSON ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH

Driving Directions :

Our church is located on county route 337, half way between Bronson and Newberry, FL on the west side of the road. (just south of the county line) - 13830 NE 80th Avenue, Bronson, FL 32621

DATE: Saturday, June 27, 2009
TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Area of Focus: PUBLIX, Walgreens, CVS & Ebay Use

I pray you will come join in ---Finding out about the use of coupons will be rewarding & beneficial to you and yours. --- This year alone I know I have saved our family alone at least $10,000 (meaning I got that much for free) --- I have been able to share with my family and friends to a degree that was nearly impossible before -- Our savings means we will be debt free within one year or a bit more -- Things we once were not able to afford we now can -- Please come !!! -- We even feed our doggies for free most of the time !!!


>>> JOY FM POST -- http://thejoyfm.com/calendar/default.asp?eventid=452837

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Publix Trip 6/24/2009

Overall Totals -
89.4 % SAVINGS

OOP = $39.98


Receipt #1

6 Starbucks Ice Cream Pints BOGO
- 1.00 mq on each

2 Buitoni Pastas
-1.00 mq on each
-1.00 publix q on each

6 Dannon Yougurts BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

1 Publix Sub
no coupon -- sigh

6 Edwards Single Pie BOGO
-(3) 1.00/2 mq

1 Hungry Jack Sryup
1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
-.25 mq
-Free Sryup wyb Pancake Mix Publix q

3 Revlon Emory Boards
3 Revlon Nail Clippers
-(6) $2 publix q

1 Quattro Razor Trimmer for Women
-4.00 mq

6 Adam & Eve Juices
-(2) .50 mq
-(6) 1.00 publix q

12 Fusion Snack Mix BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

-5.00 kmart q

TOTAL OOP = $19.77


Receipt #2

2 Fusion Snack Mix BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

3 Jello Instant Puddings
-1.00 mq
-1.00 publix q

8 DiGiorno Pizzas for One
-(4) 1.00/2 mq
-(8) 2.00 FLIP

4 Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Pints BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

3 Kraft Mac & Cheeze Deluxe
-(1) 1.50 mq
-(1) 1.00 mq

2 Dannon Yougurt BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

1 Raid Ant Spray
-2.00 mq
-2.00 publix q

2 Mac & Cheeze Cups
-1.00/2 mq
-B1G1 mq

-5.00 kmart q

TOTAL OOP = $8.15


Receipt #3

1 Hungry Jack Sryup
1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
-.25 mq
-Free Sryup wyb Pancake Mix Publix q

3 Revlon Emory Boards
3 Revlon Nail Clippers
-(6) $2 publix q

4 Adam & Eve Juices
-(4) 1.00 publix q

8 Dannon Yougurts BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

2 Bic Soleil Razors BOGO
-2.00 mq on each

12 Fisher Snack Mix BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

2 Buitoni Pastas
-1.00 mq on each
-1.00 publix q on each

6 J & J Buddy Bath Bars
-(2) 2.50/3 mq

-5.00 kmart q

TOTAL OOP = $4.60


Receipt #4

4 Edwards Single Pies BOGO
-(2) 1.00/2 mq

2 Buitoni Pastas
-1.00 mq on each
-1.00 publix q on each

6 Adam & Eve Juices
-1.00 publix q on each

8 Dannon Yogurts BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

8 Fisher Snack Mix BOGO
-1.00 mq on each

2 Raid Bug Spray
-2.00 mq on each
-2.00 publix q on ea

2 Off Sprays
-2.00 mq on each
-2.00 publix q on ea

-5.00 kmart q

TOTAL OOP = $7.46

Super Deals: Publix 6/25-7/1 (6/24-6/30 in some areas)

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 16.25 or 18-oz bot BOGO $1.39

-$.75/1; $.50/1; $.55/1; $1/2 from 06-14-09 SS

-Save $2.00 off meat or poultry WYB 2 products (A.1. Steak Sauce, Kraft Mayonnaise, Kraft Barbecue Sauce, Kraft Miracle Whip, Kraft Salad Dressing Or Grey Poupon Mustard)

-$1/2 “Traditional Family Recipes with a Twist”

Using the $.75/1 you get FREE BBQ sauce (possible overage)–Use the $2 meat WYB Kraft tearpad in addition and get FREE BBQ sauce and FREE meat!!

Lawry’s 30 Minutes Marinade, Assorted Varieties, 12-oz bot BOGO $2.85

-$1/2 Hangtag

-$2 off meat WYB 2 Lawry’s Marinades Hangtag

-$1/2 Publix Summer Savings

-$.50/1 from 05-17-09 RP

-$1/2 from 04-05-09 RP

Using the $.50/1 you pay $.42 per bottle…even better deal if you have the $2 meat hangtag as well!

French’s Classic Yellow Mustard Squeeze Bottle, 14-oz bot BOGO $1.69

-French’s Spicy Brown or Honey Mustard FREE wyb French’s Classic Yellow 14 oz Peelie

-$.50/1 from 06-21-09 SS

-$1/1 Peelie

-$.35/1, $.30/1; $.50/1; $.75/1; $1/2 from 05-10-09 SS

-$.30/1; $.50/1; $1/2 from 03-29-09 SS

-$.50/1 PRINT

-$.50/1 PRINT

Using the $.50/1 (doubles to $1) you get FREE mustard (possible overage)

Lipton Family Size Tea bags, Ice Tea Brew, 24-ct box (Excluding Decaf) BOGO $2.65

-$1/2 PRINT

-$.60/1; $.75/2; $1/2; $.75/1 from 05-17-09 RP

-$1/1 from “Family is its own Reward” Unilever booklet

Using the $1/1 each box will be $.33

Post Cereal, Assorted Varieties, Selects, 13 to 16-oz, Grape Nuts, 17 to 24-oz, Grape Nuts Flakes, 18-oz, or Trail Mix Crunch, 17-oz box BOGO $3.99

-$2/1 PRINT

-$1/2 from 06-21-09 SS

The $2 IP means FREE cereal

McCormick Pure Ground Black Pepper, 4-oz can BOGO $3.59

-$1/1; $.75/1 from 05-10-09 RP

-$1/1 from 04-05-09 RP

-$.50/1; $1/2 from 05-03-09 RP

-$.75/1 from 04-05-09 RP

-$1/1 Save Money Save the Planet From Publix

Using the $1/1 or $.50/1 (doubles to $1) each item will be $.80

Crystal Light Drink or On the Go Mix or Iced Tea Mix, LiveActive or Immunity, Assorted Varieties, 10 or 12-qt cnstr. or 10 or 14-ct box BOGO $3.99

-$1/1 PRINT

-$2/1 All You, July 2009

-$1/2 Effortless Lunchtime Ideas Everyone Loves – The Lunch Spot

-$2.00 off wyb Nabisco Wheat Thins Crackers And Crystal Light Drink Mix, Any 10-12 QuartTearpad

-$.50/2 Tearpad

-$1/1 Sunset, June 2009

-$1 off WYB Crystal Light Products And (1) Water Product- Unflavored Only Tearpad

-$1 off Crystal Light on the go packs WYB (1) Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack tearpad

-$1/2 Kraft Food & Family Summer Issue, June 2009

Using the $2/1 you get FREE Crystal Light

Ragu Pasta Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 16 to 26.3-oz jar BOGO $2.19

-$1/2 PRINT (prints in Spanish)

-$.30/1; $.60/1: $.60/2; $1/2: $1.25/3; $.75/2 from 05-17-09 RP

-$.75/1 “Family is its own Reward” Unilever booklet

-Buy Ragu get Pasta FREE (up to $1.50)tearpad

-Buy 2 Ragu get Pasta FREE (up to $1.50)tearpad

Using the $.75/1 each jar will be $.35

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Assorted Varieties, 13.66 to 16-oz box BOGO $3.49

-$1/1 tearpad

-FREE Nabisco Wheat Thins Crackers Variety WYB (1) Nabisco Ritz Crackers from 05-17-09 SS

-$.50/2 tearpad

-$1/2 Food & Family “Traditional Family Recipes with a Twist”

-$.50 off WYB Kraft Cheese And (1) Nabisco Ritz Crackers

Use a $1/1 and the FREE Wheat Thins Q –get both boxes of crackers for $.75

Land O Lakes Spread, Fresh Buttery Taste, 2-ct. 7.5-oz or 15-oz tub or Soft Margarine, 15-oz tub BOGO $1.89

-$.55/1 Tearpad


Using the coupon you will pay $.40 per tub

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Assorted Varieties, 6 or 6.3-oz tube (Excluding Advance Toothpaste) BOGO $2.99

-$1/1 PRINT

Using the IP you pay $.50 per tube of toothpaste

Kotex Pantyliners, 40 to 64-ct pkg or Tampons, 18-ct pkg BOGO $3.19

-$1/1; $.75/1; $1/2 from 06-14-09 SS

-B1G1 Publix Baby Club Mailer

-$1.25/2 Blinkie


-$.75/1 Madre y mujer

Using the $1/1 each box will be $.60

Lysol Disinfectant Trigger Spray Cleaner, All Purpose: Lemon Scent, 4 in 1 Pacific Fresh Scent, or With Bleach, 32-oz bot or Antibacterial Kitchen, 22-oz bot BOGO $2.69

-$1/2; $.50/1; $.75/1 from 06-07-09 SS

-$1/1; $1/2 Peelie


Using the $1/1 or $.50/1 (doubles to $1) Each bottle will be $.35

Kellogg’s Cereal, Assorted Varieties, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, or Froot loops, 14.9 to 17.5-oz box BOGO $3.99

-$2/1 Peelie

-$1 off milk WYB Kellogg’s cereal

-$1/1; 1.50/1 from 06-07-09 RP

The $2/1 means FREE cereal; the $1.50/1 means each box will be $.50

Breyers Ice Cream, Assorted Varieties, 48-oz ctn BOGO $4.99

-$.75/1; $1/1 from 05-17-09 RP

-$.50/1 Summertime Savings Booklet Found Hanging On A&W Brand Soda

-$1.50/1 “Family is its own Reward” Unilever booklet

Using the $1.50/1 each item will be $1.00

Sara Lee Desserts, Assorted Varieties, 7 to 30-oz pkg 50% OFF

-$1/1 Simple Sweets Pie from 06-07-09 RP

-$.50/1 “Sweet Deals” Food Lion Booklet

-$1/1 from 05-17-09 RP

-$1/1 Simple Sweets from 04-19-09 RP

Using any coupon should mean some cheap treats!

$2.50 Off GE Energy Smart Compact Fluorescent Lighting Product, Assorted Varieties, 1 to 6-ct pkg

-$1/1 from 04-19-09 SS

-$1/1 All You, April 17, 2009


I think combining the MQ and Publix Q should make for a decent deal!


50 cents off Fresh Pinapple


Monday, June 22, 2009

DiGiornos Pizza for One - $1.19 for 2 @ PUBLIX !!!

buy 2 DiGiornos pizza for one
- (1) 50 cents off 2 mq
- (2) 2.00 FLIP

= $1.19 for 2 !!!

time to stock up on pizza's !!!
got 8 today for starters !!!

$2 off Huggies Diaper Coupon - 5/31/2010 Expiration

on page 35 >>> http://theheartknows.gracobaby.com/pdfs/RegGuide09.pdf --- i would suggest saving this to ur hard drive

GOOD DEAL ALERT: Publix / Yogurt

free dannon yogurt

i found a booklet "smart summertime savings" at publix today. there are 2 coupons in there, one is for $1 off dannon dan-o-nino 6 pack and the other is for $1 off any danimals product. these are on sale this week b1g1 priced at $2. so if you use two $1 coupons then they are free.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

PUBLIX Shopping Spree -- 6/20/2009

I went on a shopping spree with my bonus from work !!!

Here is the link to my post in AFC With Pics http://www.afullcup.com/forums/my-publix-trip-today/233559-publix-shopping-spree-w-pics-6-20-2009-savings-total-985-26-93-overall.html


4 Glade Impressions
-FREE q's

20 Packs of Razors BOGO
Bic Comfort 3 & Bic Soleil
-10 $3mq
-10 $2 mq

-5.00 Kmart

Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $2.27



18 Packs of Razors BOGO
Bic Comfort 3 & Bic Soleil
-18 $2 mq

Order Total
sales Tax

-5.00 Kmart
-10.00 RR

OOP = $1.75



20 Packs of Razors BOGO
Bic Comfort 3 & Bic Soleil
-20 $2 mq

-5.00 Kmart

Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $13.27



20 Packs of Razors BOGO
Bic Comfort 3 & Bic Soleil
-20 $2 mq

-5.00 Kmart
-10.00 RR

Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $3.61



20 Packs of Razors BOGO
Bic Comfort 3 & Bic Soleil
-19 $2 mq
-1 $3 mq

-5.00 Kmart
-3.00 RR

Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $9.61



20 Packs of Razors BOGO
Bic Comfort 3 & Bic Soleil
-20 $2 mq

-5.00 Kmart

Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $13.27



14 Packs of Razors BOGO
- got 14 more of my rain check from like a month back
-6 BOGO q's

Order Total = $0.00
Sales Tax = $3.12



24 Hershey's Nuggets -
bags of chocolate candies BOGO
-8 B2G1 mq

- 5.00 Kmart

Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $13.27



4 Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Pints BOGO
-4 1.00 mq

3 Hormel Pork Tenderloins
- Albertsons B1G2 q
-3 $1 mq on hormel
-1 $6.00 mq on pork purchase

Deli Items
Cut Deli Meat & Cheeze
$10 worth
-3.00 FLIP
-1.00 Publix Baby Club q

1 Pack of Sub Rolls

2 Apples
-1 $1 Publix baby Club q

1 Matchlite charcoal 13.5lb
1 Pam Spray
-1 $1 mq peelie on bag
- FREE Pam wyb charcoal mq

-5.00 Kmart
-10.00 RR

Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $5.69



3 Hormel Pork Tenderloins
- Albertsons B1G2 q
-3 $1 mq on hormel
-1 $6.00 mq on pork purchase

1 Matchlite charcoal 13.5lb
1 Pam Spray
-1 $1 mq peelie on bag
- FREE Pam wyb charcoal mq

22 Cans of Pedigree Dog Food - Canned
-11 BOGO mq

-5.00 Kmart
-10.00 RR

Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $2.35



2 Mr Clean Liquid Cleaners
-1 $.75 mq
-1 BOGO mq

4 Honey Maid Graham Crackers BOGO
-4 $1.00 mq
-4 $1 Publix q

2 Mr Clean Erasers
-2 $.75 mq
-1 BOBO mq

2 Tylenol
-2 $2.00 Publix q
-1 $3 off 2 mq

6 Hershey's Nuggets -
bags of chocolate candies BOGO
-2 B2G1 mq

1 Publix Coffee Creamer

1 Gallon of Milk

1 Hungry Jack Sryup
1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
- FREE Pancake Mix wyb Sryup Publix q

- 5.00 Kmart
- 10 RR
Order Total
Sales Tax

OOP = $7.59

Total Packs of Razors Bought = 134


Total Spent = $74.80
Total Savings = $985.26

Overall Percentage of Savings = 93%

woppie woppie woppie !!!!!!! -- I GOTTA FREEZER !!!!!

I got a mid yr bonus at work ... praise god !!! -- I would like to think he knows I deserved it ehehhehehe :) --- but this was the best use I ever made of money given in exchange for a service !!!!! --- Here I come publix !!!! -- Ice Cream City here in this next week !!!! -- spending some of the rest of my bonus money on newspapers so I can get me some free + overage Ice Cream this week @ PUBLIX !!!!!!! yippieeeeeeeeee -- I wanted an upright but hmmm I just wasnt spending that much hahaha

Chick-fil-A: Free milkshake for dads (Saturday, June 20, 2009)

Many Chick-fil-A locations around the country are offering free 14 oz. Hand-Spun Milkshakes for dads tomorrow (Saturday, June 20, 2009). Dad must be present with a child to receive this offer. More details here.

Not all locations are participating so it is highly recommended you contact your store ahead of time to find out whether they are participating.

2 Pints of Ben & Jerry's for $1.79 @ PUBLIX this week !!!

Ben & Jerry's is buy one get one free at Publix this week. $3.79 for 2 pints then use $1.00 Smartsource IP (zipcode 29650) and then there is $1.00 Publix Store coupon in the All American Savings flyer (Yellow with fireworks on the front!) Happy Savings!

Free Redbox code valid 6/22 to 6/23

This code will be valid on Monday June 22 and Tuesday June 23 and should work once per credit / debit card. It is a survey generated code but not unique to each survey participant I confirmed by taking it on two different computers and got the same code each time. To use this code - RBXTHXU6 select "rent with a code" for the first screen. You will get a $1 rental fee credit as long as your video is returned on time. Find a Redbox near you HERE

Ben & Jerry's Coupon Savings -- Use @ PUBLIX this week !!!

Smart Source has just put up a new coupon for $1 off 2 HERE

Free Yoplait Whips Coupon

FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY >>> Sign up for the Betty Crocker newsletter HERE and get a coupon for one free Yoplait Yogurt Whips mailed to you.

HINT >>> PRINT THE COUPON & GET A FREE COUPON -- Sorry to say this is not valid in CA, ID, LA, MN, NJ, NV, ND and TN but click the link that says Alternate Offer and you will get a Bricks link for .60 cents off 3 cartons which will make them 30-35 cents each at Target or Walmart or on sale.

Free Lego Smart Kit - Educators


Free Make-Up Bag (u need to respond to confirmation email)



This little program is great for filling out those forms --- I highly recommend it -- It saves on your hands !!!

RoboForm password manager securely stores online and offline passwords, automatically logs you into online accounts and completes online registration and checkout forms with one click.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Coupon Insert Preview -- 6/21/2009

http://www.southernsavers.com/2009/06/621-coupon-insert-preview/ -- Thanks southernsavers !!!

Publix Extra early sneak peek bogo 07/02 - 07/08

Thanks soooo much to nrpeace17 @ HCW.

Kraft Mayo
Ore Ida Seasoned Mashed
Bic Lighter
Hi-C Fruit Drink
Bush Baked Beans
Lays Potato Chips
Reynolds Wrap
Kraft Dressings
Special K
Sheer Bliss Ice Cream
Hersheys Assorteds
Thomas English Muffins
Cool Whip Bowl
Sweet Baby Rays
Cheez Its
Kraft Mac & Cheese (Blue Box)
Luigi's Italian Ice
Diana's Bananas Banana Babies
Smuckers Sundae Syrup
Publix Allergy Tablets
Famous Amos Cookies
Orville Popcorn
Chatham Village Croutons
McCormick Grill Mates
M&M Big Bags
2000 Flushes
Hunts Diced Tomatoes
A1 Steak Sauce
Jennie-O Turkey Burgers
OM Lunchables (Small Ones)
BP Hot Dogs

There is a brand new frozen hamburger that
will be debuted for the 4th that will be BOGO

Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets
Meat Deals:Porterhouse/Tbone - $6.99 LB
Perdue Boneless Chicken - $2.99 LB
Drumsticks/Thighs - $0.99 LB
Italian Sausage - $2.99 LBS
pareribs - $1.69 LB


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Or Frozen Yogurt or Sorbet;
or Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream, Assorted Varieties, 1-pt ctn.
Quantity rights reserved.
SAVE UP TO $3.87

FYI --- there will be a $2 off coupon in this Sunday's 6/21 inserts
Making these FREE !!!!!!!

hmmm It's time to buy a freezer
I REFUSE to pass up free ice cream !!!!

Maybe I could suggest an ice cream social for the church and get alta and her boys to help collect all the ice cream ehhehehehe --- just a thought !!!

Blockbuster Drink Coupon BOGO on Coke 20 oz


Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Publix Trip 6/17/2009 -- 95% Savings !!! woppie !!!

TOTAL OOP = $22.75


Last nights trip ---

Deli Items
2 Pks of Deli Meat
1 Pk of Cheeze
1 Pk of Sub Rolls

$3.30 worth of bananas

3 Revlon Emory Boards
12 Chex Mix
4 Special K Cereals
2 Special K Crackers
5 Oreo 100 cal pks
15 Jello / Pudding Mix Boxes
4 Planters Nut Bars
2 Gatorade
38 Mt Olive Pickles
8 A1 Sauce
2 Kraft Dressings
4 Kraft Mayos
1 Publix Cocoa Butter Lotion
1 Publix Alcohol
8 Dial Body Washes
7 Kraft Mac & Cheeze Dinners
26 Mac & Cheeze Cups
16 Schick Razors - on RAINCHECK
3 Kraft Bagelfuls

TOTAL = 167 ITEMS / breaks down to $.14 cents per item !!!

FREE Emeril’s Seasoning Sample

Go HERE to get a free sample of Emeril’s Original Essence Seasoning. Yum!

Free sample of Coromega

Go here to request your free sample of Coromega.

Boston Market: Free Kid's Meal with purchase

Have your child color this page and bring it to any Boston Market location and you'll receive a free Kid's Meal with any meal purchase of $5 or more. One coupon per customer per visit. Expires June 30, 2009.

Free Scott Sample Pack

Go here to request your free Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper Double Roll and 10-count travel pack of Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes.

There are two different $1/1 Scott coupons here and when I input my zip code here it pulled up a $2/1 Scott coupon. I'm not sure if that is available in all areas, but it's definitely worth checking if you regularly buy Scott products.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Stockpile -- Or Mess !!! ahahha

~~~ What to eat next hmm ~~~
*** Our selection of this & that ***
Michael & His AXE Collection !!!
Pile of Glade & Soda's For The Summer !!! + other junk
*** Our Wall of Snacks ***
Me & Mikeypoo (he will kick me for callin him that but o well haha) took some pics tonite after we were thru puttin things up from my long shopping trip tonite -- I've never posted up too many pics casue I dont want anyone to know what a nut case I am hahahaha -- Wanna buy some food Alta ?? ehhehe :) -- heck I'd give u some if u was starving u know !!!

Don't forget Father's Day Cards for $1 @ PUBLIX

Get 2 Hallmark cards for $1 each. Right with the cards is a tearpad for $1 off for each Hallmark expressions card -- be on the lookout !!!

Enter to win FREE groceries at Publix!

1 Grand Prize: 52 weeks x $200 per week = $10,400 in FREE groceries
4 First Prizes: $1000 in Publix gift cards
100 Second Prizes: $100 in Publix gift cards

Open to all persons who are over 18 and are legal residents of Flordia, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.There are two ways to enter:

1. Online/In store entry form. Visit June Dairy Month Sweepstakes and go to "official entry form" link to download and print the official entry form or visit a participating Publix store for an entry form.

2. Complete a hand printed 3x5 postcard to include your full name, physical address, city, state, zip, date of birth, and phone number.

Send all entries to
June Dairy Month
90 Rockwood Place
Rochester, NY 14610

All entries must be postmarked by 8/15/2009 and recieved by 8/24/2009.

Enter as often as you like. Only one entry per envelope.

New Printables

use ZIP CODE 83642 --- http://www.coupons.com/ -- there are some coupons tied to this zip code that I have never seen before WIPPIE !!!

http://www.tridentgum.com/alittlepieceofhappy/#/Happy-Little-Deals -- Trident Gum IP ~ $1.00/2 ~

"Get Your Fruit On! - Free Juice

Tropicanas campaign called, "Get Your Fruit On!

The first 5,000 people who pledge will receive a free coupon by mail for Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice.

Limit one coupon per address. It tags your computer. One request per computer per address. Click on the button, "Pledge here to "Get Your Fruit On" to fill out the form to receive your coupon


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Digiorno Flat Bread Melt Coupon

Hi all, not sure where to post this but you can get a coupon for free digiorno flat bread melt to be mailed to you.

Coupon Request

True Value Hardware Savings

True Value's Idea House is the place to find great weekend home improvement project ideas and the helpful advice you need. And this is the place to look for coupons, savings and other great promotional offers. Check back often for more ways to save money on your do-it-yourself projects. Then head to your local True Value hardware store to find all the products, tips and advice you need to get your home improvement projects done right.


Sears Savings Coupon

http://f.chtah.com/i/5/1194872179/SC_EAQ_060709.pdf --
$5 OFF Your Next Purchase Of $50 Or More exp 6/20/2009

More Walmart Samples

The Best of Nature With the Proof of Science
Meet your specific hair care needs with this innovative full line of hair care products. Get a Free Sample

Suffering From Frequent Heartburn?
Reduce the acid that causes it. Request a Free Sample

The Smart Way to Snack and Go
They’re the perfect fit for your active life.Get Your Sample

A 100% Natural, Low-Calorie Way to Sweeten
Discover one of nature’s sweetest marriages — a blend of stevia and sugar.Get a Free Sample

Have a Worry-Free Summer
Get protection and comfort for up to eight hours.*Get Your Sample

3 Steps, 10 Weeks and You're Done
It’s the No. 1 doctor-recommended, over-the-counter, stop-smoking treatment. Get a Free Sample

Free Sample of Great Value 90 Calorie Strawberry Cereal Bar *WalMart*


Monday, June 15, 2009

Kraft Cheeze


Free $10 reward card with purchase of $50 gift card at Kmart

Kmart is running special on gift cards for fathers day. Buy a $50 gift card and get a free Kmart reward card worth $10. Caution, the availability and expiration dates are a little strange. The offer begins 6/18/09 and runs two days through 6/20/09. The $10 reward card become valid beginning 6/22/09 and expires 7/31/09. The $50 gift card has no expiration date. Limit 2 reward cards per customer.

Freebies Today 6/15/2009

Free Sample Of Parents Choice Milk Baby Formula

Free Heinz Baby Club Kit

Free Start Pin From The American Heart Association

Free Trojan Ecstasy Sample

Free VCF Contraceptive Sample For Women

Free WordSmart Challenge CD

Free Driving Zone Dvd

Free Pack of Sundiwear Stickers

Food Choices for Cancer Prevention and Survival

22 Free iTunes Songs

Walgreen Deals starting 6/14/2009



Monthly Deals --- http://www.afullcup.com/forums/walgreens/212776-may-31st-june-27th-2009-monthly-rr-deals.html

CVS Deals starting 6/14/2009



Monthly Deals --- http://www.afullcup.com/forums/cvs/223055-june-clip-free-book-ecb-deals-matchups-post-20-a.html

Sundiwear Stickers

Sundiwear stickers are an easy, and fun way that takes the guesswork out of knowing when you should reapply sunscreen to yourself or children for improved protection against sun-caused skin damage and sunburn. (Note: Sunscreen should not be used on children under the age of six months.)

Light-sensitive Sundiwear stickers can be safely applied to skin, clothing, hats, handbags, backpacks and uniforms — any item that will stay with you in the sun. (To avoid a potential choking hazard, Sundiwear stickers should never be applied directly on or within reach of children less than 3 years old.)


Sunday, June 14, 2009

6/14 SmartSource has five Publix Store coupons for $1/1

FYI ... all are valid from 6/14-7/14 only --- Publix-specific:

Save $1 on Ground Beef WYB any Old El Paso Dinner Kit
Save $1 on Ground Beef WYB any Hamburger Helper
Save $1 on Publix Bagged Salad WYB any Progresso Soup
Save $1 on Yoplait Yogurt WYB any Nature Valley Granola Bars
Save $1 on Bananas WYB any Cheerios Brand Cereal,
8.9oz or larger (any flavor or variety)

possible deal if you have 6 papers from today 6/14 --
will be worth a try anyhow ! >> which I will ehhehe

$1/2 Hamburger Helper store coupons at Target
There are also 75¢/3 qs in the 5-31 and 6-7 SSs
as well as some printables recently.

If your Publix accepts competitor coupons
then these could all be used together.

Hope this will work:
Buy 6 Hamburger Helpers
Use 3 $1/2 Target qs
Use 2 75¢/3 Mfr qs
Buy a $6 pack of ground beef
Use 6 $1 ground beef coupons from SS

I wish I knew the price @ publix on hamburger
helper but I dont :( - I will have to look next time I go --
I'll come back and do the math then !

Percentage Savings Calculator

Percent Calculator

Add your total savings and your total spent together and put that in the second box of the calculator in the middle. Then put your total savings in the first box and hit calculate and VIOLA! You have the percentage that you save! It's FUN!

My Publix Trip 6/13/2009

Stopped for part of my shopping list this week --
Here is what i got:

FINAL OOP = $29.12

Subtotal = $152.10 / 84% overall

There is a celebration this afternoon with my church - I am being BAPTISED today !!!! thank the lord !!!! - I wont go into a long explination ahhaha but I recently had a scare with my fathers life and hmm all i can say is the day I prayed to the lord to save him he saved me !!! -- I'm so thankful for our breath in this life and well I want to be jesus to all I can -- Perfection is my enemy but I grow more faithful as I wait for him !!!

Todays trip was partly for the church gathering, part for us and part to resale ...

48 items total
= average $.61 cents for each item

6 Lays Chips BOGO - will take 2 for party @ chruch
-(2) b2g1 mq
Final OOP = $3.99 for all 6

2 Chex Mix BOGO - will take 1 for party & 1 to give away @ work
-(2) 50 cent mq
-(1) Target $1 off 2
Final OOP = $.63 for 2

2 Hostess Donuts - FOR US !
-(2) $1 mq
Final OOP = $2.00 for 2

6 Oral B Toothbrushes - for resale
-(6) publix $1 q (cant recall from what flyer)
-(3) BOGO mq
Final OOP = $2.34 for all 6 / 40 cents ea

1 Gallon Milk - FOR US !
-(1) $1 off wyb pecan sandies
Final OOP = $1.89

2 Keebler Pecan Sandie Cookies - 1 for party @ church
-(1) $1 off mq
Final OOP = $2.99 for 2

6 Mt Olive Pickes BOGO - 1 for party @ church
-(6) $.50 mq
Final OOP = $3.57 for all 6 / 60 cents ea

2 Lays Dips - for party @ church
-(2) $2 wyb lays chips mq
Final OOP = $3.38 for 2

1 Planters Nut Bars - FOR US !
-(1) $1 mq
-(1) $1 retailer q for publix
Final OOP = $.99 cents

6 Ritz Bits Snack Packs BOGO - FOR US !
-(6) $1 mq
-(6) $1 retailer q for publix
Final OOP = $5.97 for all 6 / $.99 cents ea

12 Wheat Thins BOGO - will resale
-(5) free wheat thins wyb Ritz
Final OOP = $4.49 for all 12 / $.37 cents ea

2 Dial Body Washes - will resale
-(2) $1 mq
Final OOP = $2.25 for 2

also used (1) $5 KMART q

resale total = $20.50

TOTAL AFTER RESALE = $8.62 / 95% savings

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Minute Maid Frozen Treats - Coupon Request

http://www.jjsnack.com/minutemaid/couponform.asp -- Fill out the information below and we'll send you coupons good towards your next purchase of any MINUTE MAID® Frozen Novelty product.

Country Bobs - found @ WALMART !


Borders/Seattle's Best Coffee: Free 12-oz. beverage

Oh! I love these types of freebies! Go here to print your coupon for a free 12-oz. beverage at Border's/Seattle's Best Coffee. No purchase necessary. Coupon is good through June 18, 2009.

Free GoodNites sample

Go here to request a free sample of GoodNites Underpants courtesy of CVS. There is also a coupon for $1 off -- http://www.goodnites.com/NA/Bedwetting-Products/Offers/Coupons.aspx

Boston Market: $3 off a $6 or more purchase

Print a coupon here for $3 off any $6 or more purchase at Boston Market.

Another Unadvertised BOGO @ PUBLIX

Barber Frozen Stuffed Chicken is also on BOGO this week. At my store they were priced at $4.49. There is also a printable coupon on smartsource.com: - Coupons Online Coupons

Total OOP is $1.25 each.

thanks lsnitker @afc for the heads up !

TGI FRIDAYS - Free Appetizer when join EClub


Friday, June 12, 2009

Target Printables


Free download of Future Christian Homemaker's Handbook

Would you like to teach your daughter homemaking skills? Then you'll definitely want to check out this wonderful freebie. Right now you can download the entire Future Christian Homemaker's Handbook for free.

This book retails for $29.95 and is chock-full of helpful ideas, step-by-step instructions, recipes, pictures, and more.

Muellers Pasta Coupon


Food Lion Coupons !!!

$3 off $10 Deli Bakery Purchase (EXP 12/29/09-WOW!!)

Misc FLIP’s (most exp 6/30)-$1/1 Green Works Natural Cleaning product-$3/1 any Brita Pitcher or Replacement Filter-$1/1 any Clorox Anywhere-$1/1 any Scott Naturals Bath Tissue 4-Pack-$.50/1 any Scott Naturals Towels, Choose-A-Size, Mega Roll-$.50/1 Scott Naturals towels-$.55/1 Bag of Sunchips (exp 6/19)-$.55/1 Jar of Tostitos Salsa (exp 6/19)


CAT FLIP (EXP 6/30)-$1/1 Any Arm & Hammer Cat Litter

BABY ITEMS FLIP (Exp 6/30)-$1/3 Gerber Accessories-$1.50/1 Huggies Pull Ups or Goodnights-$.50/1 Huggies Baby WIpes or Bath Products-$.75/1 Playtex Cups-$1.50/1 Any Home 360 Diapers or Wipes-$.75/1 ANY 15-20 oz FL or Home 360 Baby Care Items

BABY FLIPS (exp 6/30)-$1/3 Gerber Baby Foods-$3/1 Any Nestle Good Start Supreme Powder-$3/1 ANY Enfamil, Gentlease or Prosobee LIPIL Powder Formula-$3/1 Any Similac Advane Powder ot Isomil Advance Powder-$1/6 ANy Beechnut Baby Food

CHICKEN FLIP (Exp 6/16)-$2/1 Food Lion Chicken Breasts, Tenders or Snack Wings

KINGSFORD FLIP (Exp 6/16)-$3/1 Any Kingsford or Match Light Charcoal 13.5 lbs or larger

A1 FLIP (Exp 6/17)-$2/1 A-1-$1/1 Healthy Accents Vitamins-$1/1 12 pack Canada Dry -$1/1 One bagged Tyson Frozen Breaded Chicken products

Canada Dry FLIP (exp 6/17)-$1/2 FL Golden Zesty Steak Sauce-$1/1 Healthy Accents Vitamins-$1/1 12 Pack Canada Dry-$1/1 Bagged Tyson Frozen Breaded Chicken products

June 10-23 FLIPS Set 1-$2/1 Stouffers Lasagna 38 oz or larger-$1/1 Tropicana OJ half gallon or 1 gallon-$2/1 Any Digiorno Pizza-Buy any All 2x laundry detergent 60-100 oz and get any (82-96oz) Clorox Bleach FREE (value up to $2)

JUNE 10-23 FLIPS Set 2-$2/1 Stouffers Lasagna 38oz or larger-$1/1 1/2 gallon of any FL Orange Juice or Juice Blends-$2/1 Digiorno Pizza-Buy any All 2x laundry detergent 60-100 oz and get any (82-96oz) Clorox Bleach FREE (value up to $2)

June 10-23 FLIPS Set 3-$2/1 Stouffers Lasagna-$1/1 FL 1/2 gallon OJ-$1/3 FL Pizza-Buy any All 2x laundry detergent 60-100 oz and get any (82-96oz) Clorox Bleach FREE (value up to $2)

FL PASTA FLIP (exp 6/23)-$1 off any Food Lion Pasta or Natures’s Place Pasta

KC Masterpiece FLIP (exp 6/23)-$1/2 KC Masterpiece Marinade or BBQ Sauce

June 10-23 Flips Set 4-$1 off 2 Dozen FL Eggs-$1/1 FL 1/2 gallon OJ-$1/3 FL Pizza-Buy any ALL 2X Laundry detergent (60-100 oz) get free Clorox Bleach (up to $2)

More Kraft Q's Just for Publix!!!

Get up to $50 in Kraft Summer Savings at Publix only!

Cooking with KRAFT.com

These coupons print with "Retailer Coupon" at the top and "Redeem at Publix" at the bottom.

Oh and it would only let me print one of each - sigh

Early Sneak Peek - PUBLIX 6/17/09 -6/23/09

WhooHoo it's baaaack! Hopefully all of these show up BOGO next week, there's a lot of meats on this list.

Right Guard Extreme
Juicy Juice Slim Packs
Danimals Crush Cup
Natures Pride
Lysol Bath Triggers
OEP Cinco De Mayo Kits
Morningstar Burgers
Nutrigrain Bars
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Morningstar Breakfast Meats
Duncin Hines Cake mix
Fresh Expressions
Ritz Crackerfuls
GM Mid Kids
DanoninoMini Wheats
Keebler Townhouse Crackers
Old El Paso Salsa
All Other Morningstar Frozen
Nabisco GrahamsDoritos
Stouffers French Bread Pizzas
Fisher Fusions Trail Mix
Entemanns Loaf Cake
Celestial Tea
Kraft Easy Mac Dinner
Edwards Single Pies
Craisins/Trail mix
Hershey Nuggets
Duncin Hines Brownies
HungryMan Dinners
YoPlait YoPlus
Perdue Chicken Nuggets (Refrigerated, not Frozen)
Hebrew National Hot Dogs
Johnsonville Ground Italian Sausage
Jenneo Breakfast Links/Patties

*** Thanks to Jennspen at HCW for next week's preview!! ***

EXTRA Early Sneak Peak: Publix 6/25/09 - 7/1/09

I don't know how people get these so early, but I sure do appreciate seeing the BOGOs and getting my coupons lined up.

Tostitos Family Size
(Possibly Pepsi, deal hasn't been finalized)
Mt. Olive Pickles
Kotex Liners
Kotex Tampons
Ritz Crackers
Birds Eye Steam Fresh
Sarah Lee Simple Sweets Pies
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Trigger
Kraft BBQ Sauce
Land-O-Lakes Spread
Kellogg's LG Kids
Arm & Hammer Complete Toothpaste
Post Adult cereal
Breyer's Ice Cream
Contessa Shrimp
Lipton Ice Tea
French's Mustard
McCormick Black Pepper
Betty Crocker Potatoes
Crystal Light Powders
Kraft Velveeta (In the dairy case)
Claussen Pickles (The refrigerated ones)
Emerald Nuts
Green Giant 4PK Veggies
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks
Curly's BBQ Chicken and Pork
Jennie-O Turkey Burgers

*** Early preview is courtesy of nrpeace17 on HCW ***

Firehouse Subs: Free sub on your birthday

Join the Firehouse Subs Birthday Club here and you'll receive a certificate for a free sub the month of your birthday.

Kmart $5 off $50 Coupon


for use @ PUBLIX or kmart !!!


https://secure.realchocolate.com/ --- sign up each friday starting at 9 am for ur free candy bars !!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ball Park Franks -
Deal: Use Albertsons B1G2 competitor coupon for the franks
My store has them 2 for $4
Then use the $1 off 2 manufacturer coupon (from this past weekend)
Also use (if you have) tearpad for free buns with the purchase of Ball park Franks
My total was $1 for all of it! --
thanks http://www.afullcup.com/forums/publix/230056-ball-park-franks.html -
deniseweber from afc posted this deal

$2 off Hartz Crunch 'n Clean Dog Biscuits

Coupon is a SmartSource Coupon (Print Only), will start printing as soon as you click on linkDogs prefer Crunch 'n Clean Dog Biscuits 2 to 1* over regular biscuits. See what all the tail wagging is about.Money Saving Offers Crunch 'n Clean Dog Treats Hartz

Free Photo Card for Dad from Photoworks.com!

*Free card offer valid for choice of one "Sharing Memories" or "Hero Dad Shorthand" card ($2.95 value). Code: LOVEDAD - exp 06/16/09 15% off Gifts for Dad DAD15 - exp 06/16/09 Photoworks.com LINK

Free GeoTrax DVD from Fisher Price

Go here to request your free GeoTrax DVD.

Target: Free travel-size Cottonelle wipes

If you received a Target coupon in the 6/7 SmartSource insert for $1/1 any Cottonelle, you can use this on the travel size pack of Cottonelle wipes at Target (found in the travel section) to get free wipes!


Ziploc Evolve for $.37!

It was posted that Target has 50 ct. Ziploc Evolve sandwich bags for $1.77
(may be different in our area)
Use the $1 Ziploc Target q and .40 Ziploc manu q or $1.00 off 2 and pay only $.27 - $.37 each !

I would suggest ordering some coupons for this deal :) >> ebay here I come !! -- ill call target frist and get a price -- be back to update if I find out differently

Barnes and Noble Summer Promotion -- get a FREE BOOK !!!

They give you a form to fill out and record your child's reading.
Once they have read 8 books you take the form to the store and they get a book for free!

What's better than that!

Step 2
This offer is made to school aged children in grades 1-6If you don't have children make sure to tell friends family and neighbors about this. Its a great offer and it will give the kids something to work on over the summer and hopefully keep them quiet for a little while! : )

Step 3
Here is the link with the info and the form to download - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/summerreading/

Free 8x10 thru June 21 @ CVS

If you have a CVS nearby, you can get a free 8x10 photo enlargement when you order from the CVS Photo Center and use the code FREE8X10. Choose in-store pickup for free shipping. This offer is good through June 21, 2009.

Don't forget, you can also get 50 free photo prints if you sign up for a new CVS Photo Center account. Again, just choose in-store pickup and shipping is free.

Promo Code: FREE8x10

Popcorn Coupon

$1/1 orville - http://www.orville.com/twitter-coupon.jsp?WT.mc_id=ORV_GNO_30894&WT.mc_ev=click

Restaurant.com - 80% off Code

80% off Restaurant.com Gift Certificates! -- http://www.restaurant.com/about_gcp.asp?pgn=gcp << search for locations here

Pay only $2 for a $25 certificate when you use code PRESENT

Publix Advantage Buy Ad for 6/16 - 7/10/2009


make sure to read thru the post that people have put up as well -- they always clue u in if there are other match ups they see :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Savings for PUBLIX DELI !!!

ooo sharon ---- look look ---- cheapER lunch meat for the whole year !!! --- Coupon >>> save $3.00 on a $10 Purchase from the Deli -- can be used @ PUBLIX expires 12/29/2009 so I would suggest printing off a good bit of them or saving the PDF to your computer - Print PDF -- thanks southernsavers !

Cheap Chex Mix @ PUBLIX this week !!!

Chex Mix is going BOGO this week for 2 / $2.79 --
Use a 50c coupon from Betty Crocker or SmartSource or Coupons.com
There is also a 50 cents off 2 coupon out there somewhere -- cant recall from what insert tho --

Combine that with the $1/2 Chex Mix Target IP, if your Publix accepts Target IPs.

FINAL PRICE = $1.29 - $.79 cents for 2 !!!

Freebies for Today

Free Sample Of Carefree Ultra Protection Liners - https://secure.startsampling.com/sm/100830/captureAddress.iphtml?item=100830&source=&source=

Free Disability Awareness Materials - http://www.blhs.org/resources/spiritualResources/requestMaterials.asp

Free Sample Of Bubbles And Beads Dog 2 In 1 Shampoo - https://forms.netsuite.com/app/site/crm/externalleadpage.nl?compid=578086&formid=20&h=7457ee8a32506437fb73

FREE Tampax Pearl Samples - http://instoresnow.walmart.com/enhancedrendercontent_ektid71900.aspx

FREE certificate maker to print rewards for students, friends,family, party guests, anybody. http://www.123certificates.com/

Free flea medicine for pets and primal pet foods starter pack http://www.petsincredible.com/Coupons_main_bayer.php

Free Bottle Of Gatorade From Walgreens


CVS In Store Coupons


Walgreens Coupon - For 6/10 - 6/11 Use

$5 off $25 June 10 & 11 - http://www.walgreens.com/dmi/instorespecials/default.html?_getcoupon

Seventh Generation Product Coupons

http://www.seventhgeneration.com/coupons - from there you have to signup to be a member of the seventh generation nation to be able to print coupons.

Tampax Sample


Publix Sale week of 6/11 - 6/17


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


To all those who may be new to reading my postings here -- I gather lots of my info from AFULLCUP.com -- go sign up -- my id there is ------ couponfairy101 --- add me as a friend and lets find those deals !!! if you should find something worth sharing please email me

My Publix Trips this Week - 6/7 & 6/8

TOTAL OOP = $21.39

I'm just listing items this go around ahhaha my hands are tired --
too lazy to put breakdown sorry ahahha

I used some Walgreens RR to pay on some of this --
as well as had 2 $10 KMART q's

Trip #1
2 Dr Scholls Inserts
6 Planters Trail Mix
14 Ritz Crackers
14 Wheat Thin Crackers
1 Planters Nuts
10 Glade Scented Refill Paks
2 Mr Clean Multi Surface Cleaners
2 Soft Scrub Cleaners
3 Pork Tenderloins
3 Packs of Pork Chops
3 Rump Roast
5 Glade Plug In Bases

Trip #2
3 Pork Tenderloins
3 Packs of Pork Chops
3 Rump Roast

4 Cheeze Doodles
2 Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough
4 Ritz Crackers
4 Wheat Thin Crackers
4 Glade Scented Refill Packs
4 Glade Plug In Bases
2 Kraft Mayos
1 Gatorade 10 pk
4 Planters Trail Mix

Stocked Mom & Dad up on some meat as well as us !! WOOT !! i love that Publix will honor the ALBERTSON's meat coupons !!

Dogster & Caster.com



Worth signing up for -- in the past i have gotten some nice coupons emailed to me from these sites -- AND now and then they send free offers !!

$1.50/1 Tide Stain Release

Go HERE to get a coupon for $1.50/1 Tode Stain Release. This product isn’t on the market yet. Since it sometimes takes 6 weeks to receive coupons, it wuld be a good idea to request it now and cross your fingers for an ECB deal when it is released.

Nesquik Shakers

If you sign up HERE to become a Nesquik Shaker you’ll get coupons to use and share. If you love Nesquik, this might be a great opportunity for you.

Publix Sale starting 6/10 - 6/17


Publix thru 6/10

cant recall if i put this up and didnt fell up to lookin so .......... ahah ... i know it ends tomorrow but http://www.southernsavers.com/2009/06/publix-weekly-ad-603-or-604/ -- thanks !

Walgreens Deals week of 6/7 - 6/13

http://www.southernsavers.com/2009/06/walgreens-weekly-deals-67-613/ -- thanks !

CVS Deals week of 6/7 - 6/13

http://www.southernsavers.com/2009/06/cvs-ecb-deals-607-613/ -- thanks !

Sears Spend $50 get $50 bonus back

Purchase $50 worth of men's pants or jeans from Sears by June 21, 2009, and you'll receive $50 in Sears Reward Cash. This Reward Cash can be used on any men's apparel in through the end of October.

If you need to purchase any men's clothing right now, you can basically double your dollars with this rebate. More details here.

Target Deals This Week

http://www.moneysavingmom.com/money_saving_mom/2009/06/target-free-softsoap-ensembles-special-k-cereal-and-crackers-for-083-each-and-more.html -- thanks !

Monday, June 8, 2009


I just found out that at Publix Pharmacy you can get FREE oral antibiotics! This is a great deal for any one sick, or discharged from a hospital! Just bring in your prescription, and get a FREE 14 day supply of their approved antibiotics. So if you have a Publix in your area, and you are bringing in a family member to the doctors , make sure you print off their approved antibiotics list so the doctor will prescribe the right one.

Whole Fruit Fruit Bars

http://jjsnackfoodservice.com/rbproject/orderform.asp?formid=15 --
Coupons valid on your next purchase of NEW Whole Fruit Fruit Bars! - All natural, fat free, low calorie and totally delicious! Available in Mango, Strawberry, Coconut, Lime & Sugar Free varieties. With a taste so creamy and flavorful, you won't believe they are naturally fat free.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Samples of Sunsweet Snacks

Just fill out the request form for samples of Sunsweet snacks. You can also choose your samples.
1 oz. Jumbo Red Raisins.9 oz. Snack Pack Prune.9 oz. Snack Pack Cherry Prune1 oz. Mediterranean Apricot

**Limited daily samples so get yours early in the day.**


DeLallo Pasta

$1 off 2 bags of Whole Wheat Pasta: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qffjcgz98122221&bt=wi&o=56808&c=DL&p=7qQSXtsU

$1 off Pasta Sauce: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qffjciy2378602&bt=wi&o=56809&c=DL&p=wi3rzaSU

Saturday, June 6, 2009

GDA: Morningstar Veggie Burgers

Hi, Mornignstar Veggie Burgers (lots of varieties) are $3 at Publix.

Buy 2
Use 2 x $1/1 Morningstar from the "Summer Savings" booklet at Publix.
Use 1 $2/2 Morningstar Target IP.
Final cost: $1 per box!!

Target: Free Crystal Light On-The-Go

MAy be a repost but --- I wanna go get me some FREE ONES TODAY !!! -- Many Target stores have Crystal Light On-The-Go 3-packs for $0.99 (you'll likely find these in the check-out lanes). Use the $1/1 coupon here, here, or here (sign up or login and then click on the "coupons" tab) to get these for free.

Speaking of the Kraft coupons, they reset for me on Kraft.com. I'm not sure if this will be the case for everyone, but if you've not checked since the beginning of June, you might go here and see if you're able to print out more Kraft coupons, too!

More Printables

Red Barron .55 on singles/after you enter sweeps - http://www.redbaronpromotions.com/Default.aspx?bhcp=1

Tyson/tell them how you embrace dinner and they send coupon - http://www.tellushow.embracedinner.com/

Cherrios $1 -

Glade BOGO scented oil refills Bought @ PUBLIX = Money Maker @ KMART !!!

Look for the boxes that have the little blue coupon that says 60 days or lasting impressions on them. It is a coupon for a FREE Lasting Impressions kit. I hear KMART have these signs posted under a bunch of different products, if you spend 20.00 you get 3 back - spend 35 get 7.00 back -- spend 50.00 get 14.00 back!! -- Glade products is included. Use 6 free coupons to reach 50.00 and I get back a 14.00 catalina !!! <<<< = FREE KMART DOUBLE SPENDING MONEY !!! -- and u get ur lasting impressions for free too !!! what a bargain !!!

Free kids binoculars

Rei is giving out kids binoculars:

An Article Worth Reading

the article says 4 weeks -- for us here I'd say it is more like 1-2 weeks in regards to sales happening after coupons come out in print --- >>> Read what I mean here >>> http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2008/01/18/the-one-month-coupon-strategy-a-really-clever-way-to-make-coupons-worthwhile/

Friday, June 5, 2009


https://secure.realchocolate.com/ -- now thru Sept somthing FREE CANDY BARS !!! -- you can get 4 per household per week !!! --- this is your reminder !!! -- go get you some !!!

More Printables

There's a new $3/3 Johnson's coupon available--IE or FireFox. You can use this on the Johnson's Buddies Bars which are $1 or less at many stores to get three for free. Or, you can use these on the small First Aid Kits which are priced at $1 at Wal-Mart, CVS, and Target to get three of those for free.

$1/2 Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies
$1/2 Keebler or Sunshine 100 Calorie Right Bites Snacks
$1/2 Special K crackers - this B2G1 coupon
$3/1 Tums Dual Action
$1/1 DanActive
$1/1 Luvs diapers
$1/1 Gillette Hydrating Body Wash

they will go fast I am sure -- so print em up fast !!!

JC Pennys Online Deals for Fathers Day

Still looking for that elusive dad gift? JCPenney is offering $10/$10 or more when you use the code GR8DAD. And, If you chose store pickup, you’ll get discounted shipping. (Thanks Common Sense with Money!)

Or, if you are buying a bigger ticket item, you can use code THNKX2U to get free shipping for orders over $49 (exp. 6/6) or BBFREE9C to get free shipping for orders over $69 (exp. 7/6).

Free Donuts

Friday, June 5 is National Doughnut Day, and Dunkin' Donuts will be giving out free doughnuts to customers who purchase any beverage of their choice. Krispy Kreme will also be giving away doughnuts – no purchase necessary. Yum! - wish I was close to one sigh ...

Gainesville - 306 NW 13th Street - Gainesville, FL 32601

Boders / Waldenbooks Coupon Savings

25% off
the List Price of One Item
Coupon Valid In-Store Only


GOOD DEAL ALERT - Walgreens - J&J Baby Powder Sample Size

Johnson & Johnson trial size baby powder (sized 1.5oz) are currently $1.29. Apparently, it qualifies for $1 RR, which makes it $.29 cents each. Worth a shot maybe !

Kraft Cheeze - Possible Reset

I was able to reprint these today WOOT -- http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qfdncft69093118&bt=wi&o=56601&c=KR&p=avfXMN2n

Hostess Cakes 1.00 off bag or box

http://hostesscakes.com/promotions/donut-day/coupon.html -- by the way it allowed me to print this 3 times WOPPIE -- i just clicked the link a second time from my email :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I will be holding another class @ BRONSON ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH

Driving Directions : Our church is located on county route 337, half way between Bronson and Newberry, FL on the west side of the road. (just south of the county line) - 13830 NE 80th Avenue, Bronson, FL 32621

DATE: June 27, 2009
TIME: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

I pray you will come join in ---Finding out about the use of coupons will be rewarding & beneficial to you and yours. --- This year alone I know I have saved our family alone at least $10,000 (meaning I got that much for free) --- I have been able to share with my family and friends to a degree that was nearly impossible before -- Our savings means we will be debt free within one year or a bit more -- Things we once were not able to afford we now can -- Please come !!! -- We even feed our doggies for free most of the time !!!


Pet Coupons & Deals


Need to do some Painting ???

http://images.optiem.com/sherwin-williams/SHER1190/coupon1190dps_0808.htm?WT.mc_id=DPS --- $10 off a $25 purchase


many walgreens have 3m products on clearance right now --- here are coupons http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/home_office/home/product_information/offers/