Sunday, June 14, 2009

6/14 SmartSource has five Publix Store coupons for $1/1

FYI ... all are valid from 6/14-7/14 only --- Publix-specific:

Save $1 on Ground Beef WYB any Old El Paso Dinner Kit
Save $1 on Ground Beef WYB any Hamburger Helper
Save $1 on Publix Bagged Salad WYB any Progresso Soup
Save $1 on Yoplait Yogurt WYB any Nature Valley Granola Bars
Save $1 on Bananas WYB any Cheerios Brand Cereal,
8.9oz or larger (any flavor or variety)

possible deal if you have 6 papers from today 6/14 --
will be worth a try anyhow ! >> which I will ehhehe

$1/2 Hamburger Helper store coupons at Target
There are also 75¢/3 qs in the 5-31 and 6-7 SSs
as well as some printables recently.

If your Publix accepts competitor coupons
then these could all be used together.

Hope this will work:
Buy 6 Hamburger Helpers
Use 3 $1/2 Target qs
Use 2 75¢/3 Mfr qs
Buy a $6 pack of ground beef
Use 6 $1 ground beef coupons from SS

I wish I knew the price @ publix on hamburger
helper but I dont :( - I will have to look next time I go --
I'll come back and do the math then !

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  1. I really am trying to put together a shopping list for Publix. I worked for hours on it today. I really am horrible at this and I need more lessons. I can hardly wait until your next lesson at church. I think what helps me the most is our shopping days.