Saturday, June 20, 2009

woppie woppie woppie !!!!!!! -- I GOTTA FREEZER !!!!!

I got a mid yr bonus at work ... praise god !!! -- I would like to think he knows I deserved it ehehhehehe :) --- but this was the best use I ever made of money given in exchange for a service !!!!! --- Here I come publix !!!! -- Ice Cream City here in this next week !!!! -- spending some of the rest of my bonus money on newspapers so I can get me some free + overage Ice Cream this week @ PUBLIX !!!!!!! yippieeeeeeeeee -- I wanted an upright but hmmm I just wasnt spending that much hahaha


  1. You are going to love it! If you stack things just right you can really get lots in it. I love the one we have.

    Ok - what coupons do I need and how many papers do I need to buy?

  2. hmmm I think I am going to get at least 20 papers today -- There are some really good coupons this week -- even if only for the ice cream it will be worth it hahaha :) We would have to figure out when the best time to hold a social would be i reckon -- We are staying home today -- Wont be at church -- Gotta sort a place for the freezer !!!

  3. Hey guys...I found a neat website and some Sundays it may be cheaper if you are buying multiple papers. Check it out. You can actually get he whole insert. It is called Coupons & Things by Dede.

    If you do decide to purchase something use me as a reference then I will get a percentage off my order. My email for it is