Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Stockpile -- Or Mess !!! ahahha

~~~ What to eat next hmm ~~~
*** Our selection of this & that ***
Michael & His AXE Collection !!!
Pile of Glade & Soda's For The Summer !!! + other junk
*** Our Wall of Snacks ***
Me & Mikeypoo (he will kick me for callin him that but o well haha) took some pics tonite after we were thru puttin things up from my long shopping trip tonite -- I've never posted up too many pics casue I dont want anyone to know what a nut case I am hahahaha -- Wanna buy some food Alta ?? ehhehe :) -- heck I'd give u some if u was starving u know !!!


  1. I'm lovin it!!!
    Oh yeah - my mom says she needs some smell good plug in things for her house. You just tell me how much and I'll buy em from ya.

  2. ahhahaha -- ill give u one for her alta :)

  3. Oh yeah - I went to Publix last nite. It was funny because when I left the house I had lots of time and by the time I finally made it to the store, I had less than an hour.
    My neighbor stopped me on the way out and wanted me to do a little horse training for her. Maybe, just maybe it will turn into some paying work for me.

  4. woohoo -- and ur up I guess -- I need to be in bed by now but ... was staying up to post -- i went for a trip tonite ill try and type it up later -- was mainly to get stuff for the food guy .. but of course we kept off some for us as well :) -- I really do want u to shop for me and I would pay u money & product ?? somehow I think that would work for u all ... we can talk soon about it k