Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is Buying Coupons Illegal?

If you have ever wanted to buy coupons, you will want to be sure to read this post to ensure you know the rules! The motivation to write this post came from a comment on the Week 5 Couponing Class post last week, where reader Dawn brought up the great point: Isn’t buying coupons illegal?!?!! Since I would never recommend something illegal, I want to make sure that everyone knows the legalities of purchasing coupons.
So is buying coupons illegal?

Well, you may know that most coupons say directly on them that coupons (which are “free”) cannot be bought or sold. So how can there be such a strong industry on ebay - a highly regulated auction site - of coupons?

No, at least not the way it is done on ebay:
When people distribute coupons on sites like ebay, they are technically not charging for the coupons themselves, but rather the work involved in finding, cutting, and packaging the coupon. Essentially, if you “purchase coupons” you are purcashing the service of someone else doing the work of putting them together for you. Although this may sound like a “legal loophole” it is definitely a major difference!

Read more on the issue here to make sure you have all the information.

thanks to Choyster Cash for this post !!!

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