Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ooooooooo Alta !!! -- look what i found :)`

http://publix4pennies.com/tutorials/publix-couponing-for-newbies/ --- Thanks soooooooooo much Publix4Pennies.com !!! -- she has a great site by the way !!!!


  1. Lisa,
    You are BEAUTIFUL!
    Thank you!

    ps...I really need your help this coupon thing. I have finally gotten hubby ready to pay some things off. Now I just need to get rolling on this Publix thing. Would you consider helping?

  2. of course i would --- u tell me how i can ? --- call me tonite maybe so we can chit chat :) --- ill be home around ummm 6 i imagine

  3. Oh goodness - I just saw this. It's right at 10:30. I rode horses again today. I fell off too! I'm ok. I had to get back on of course. LOL
    We will chat!