Sunday, May 17, 2009

Publix Very Early Sneak Peek!!! 5/21-5/27


Curly's Shredded Pork and Chicken
Medium Shrimp Rings
Pepsi 8 Packs
Dixie Plates and Cups
Freshetta Pizza
Kraft BBQ Sauce
New England Coffee
Edy's Ice Cream
Kraft Salad Dressings
Instant Grits
Ocean Spray
EGO Waffles
Lays Potato Chips
Maxwell House Coffee
Pop Tarts
Green Giant Canned Vegetables
Kraft Mayo
Nabisco Crackers
Muellers Pasta
*Red Bull 4 PKS*
Publix Acid Reducer
Stouffers French Bread Pizza
A/J Breakfast Entrees
Cheez Wiz
Aunt Jemima syrup
Lenders Bagels
Orville Popcorn
Ragu Quarts
Betty Crocker Brownies
M&M's, Big Bags
Mount Olive Products
Pedigree Dentasticks
Heluva A Good Dip

start ordering your coupons from ebay !!!

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