Friday, May 29, 2009

Albertson's Good Deal Alert thru Tuesday 6/2

Free colgate toothbrushes - they are 10/$10 there was a q last sunday for 1.00 off any colgate manual toothbrush so free.

The 4 roll toilet paper pack is on sale 10/$10. I had some of the MARCAL "Free Small Steps" coupons from the paper. The coupon says it's for One SINGLE roll OR $1.00 off any, so - the 4 roll pack that is on sale ends up being FREE

Bar-s franks are .88
- 1.00/2 qs out there. so .78 for two isnt bad.

Single serving mac and cheese is .88
- BOGO q or a 1.00/2 q

Tabasco sauce is .88
- 1.00/1 any q out there.

Soft soap hand soft is .88
-.35/1 q

Ronzoni smart taste is .88
- 1.00/2 q somewhere

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