Saturday, May 30, 2009

Places to Sign up For Coupons

Are you new to couponing? If so (or if you haven’t signed up already) there are several programs you can register with to get coupons emailed to you. They will also send you newsletters with recipes and other goodies.

Betty Crocker


Dinner Made Easy

Pillsbury HERE and HERE

Happy Saving!


  1. I look at the time that you post some of your things and it appears that you never sleep. Is that true? LOL

  2. I may have to ask for a rain check on our trip on Sunday. I am really tired tonight and I haven't cut out many coupons.

  3. we will make it again ... ahah -- yes i sleep -- i have noticed the times also they arent really accurate tho --- its umm 11:45 PM --- i am up a bit late tonite as its quiet for a change heheh :)