Saturday, April 18, 2009

Three Ways to Save $10 This Month By Turning off Your Appliances!

Do you remember this awesome new electricity calculator I'm all about these days? I've been spending a little too much time playing with it to see how I can be a greener and cheaper person, and have a little list of ways you can save money this month by turning off your appliances?You ready?

Save $10/month: Turn off a 100 watt bulb for two more hours every day

Save $14/month: By only running your dishwasher once a day (not twice) and making sure it's full when you do so!

Save $6/month: turning off your desktop computer and not letting it run all night!

And finally, one I am not recommending: You can save $.30 a month by turning off your alarm clock after you get up! How not worth it is that?

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