Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Giveaway of The Week !!!

Up for grabs one basket of goodies -- !! -- No telling what you will get -- Come on KIDS --- you get involved also -- please post the best link you can find on saving money on practical items like bedding and towels. This is one HUGE way you can save -- these arent things we need daily but they do come cheap quite often --- Just last week at KMART I was able to get my son a new comforter with 2 sets of sheets for $16 on clearance - Priced down from $49.99. (68% savings) -- On holidays I take advantage of getting kitchen towels when they go on clearance at CVS & Walgreens -- Use your ECB rewards or Register Rewards and get them FREE (100% Savings) !!! -- SO what if i look at Santa all year doing dishes - FREE IS FREE !!! AHAHAHHA :)

I will announce the winner on Saturday Night 5/2 - by 8PM -- Post comment below >>>


  1. I don't know of any good deals right now but I did follow your advice today. I stopped at Walgreens and bought 4 cans of Campbell's soup for $.36. This was my very first time and I am very proud of it. Thank you for talking to us and explaining some of this to us.

  2. Your most welcome Alta !!! -- There is so much more to tell -- I will do another one soon :) glad you got some cheap soup !!!

  3. Alta Wins !!! woooohooo !!! see you in the morning