Sunday, April 26, 2009

Publix Deals continued ...

There are also lots of cleaning items on sale - plus, there are coupon books in the store with $37 worth of q's on scrubbing bubbles, glade, ziploc, etc. This week, the glade scented oil twin packs are bogo. There are $1 q's in the above mentioned book. Buy 2 at $5.xx (don't remember exactly) use (2) $1 q's, get 2 twin packs for about $4 total - $2 each pack. I think this is a pretty good deal. --- FYI -- there are B2G1F coupons in the boxes of refills -- I always make sure I grab a pack with the coupons !!! -- Feel free to pull some out and use them this week -- If you are purchasing them they wont care !!!

Also smart ones frozen entrees are 50% off. There is printable q at - $4/10. They're all different prices, but let's say average is $3; buy 10 = $30 - 50% = 15 - $4/10q = $11. So, just over $1 each if my math is correct.

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