Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Walgreen's & Using Register Rewards

senario: If you purchase somthing that gives you Register rewards at Walgreen's then DON'T use those generated RR's on the same deal -- otherwise it wont generate the RR's again ---

What did I do wrong?

Today @ WAGs I purchased the following:
Breeze 2 @ 14.49-coupon (up to $30 off) = free
Nivea Body Wash 4.99-$1 coupon=$3.99
Right Guard Extreme 2.99 on sale - coupon for free = Free
Got2B mouse X 2 = 2/$10 - $2 coupon = $8.00
I also used $3 RR I received last week from Tums Dual Action.
I expected to receive 3 RRs ($5 for Breeze2, $4.99 Nivea Body Wash & $5 for 2 Got2B hair products)...Instead I received ZERO!

I questioned the cashier & she said it was because I used coupons, but this didn't make sense to me because I used coupons last week & the week before for items w/RRs. Anyone have any advice?? I'm fairly new to this & still trying to figure this out! Thank you!

when you pay with RR's to earn RR's it messes it up

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