Friday, April 17, 2009

How are you all getting so many coupons from the papers?

also --- I suggest buying more than one Sunday Paper -- the Tampa Tribune has lots of coupons usually also !!!

I have several friends who subscribe to the Sunday paper and do not use ANY of the coupons and are nice enough to save them for me. I have other friends who pass on the remainder of their coupons after clipping what they want; and I pass mine on to them. We often use completely different coupons/ items!

Sometimes, on Sundays, I'll find extra copies of the coupons on tables or near the trash at Starbuck's, Dunkin Donuts, in the airport if I happen to be traveling, or other places people read their Sunday papers.If you're friendly with--or could become friendly with--someone at a nearby convenience store, maybe they'll let you have the coupons from the unsold papers at the end of the day. Before the store nearest to me was sold, the previous owner let me come in every Monday and take the unsold paper's coupons--Sometimes there would be none, other times a dozen sections!

Lastly, if there are coupons I REALLY want, I take the dogs for extra long walks on the night of recycling and get coupon sections out of neighbor's recycling bins---Almost NO one uses their coupons around me. After I cut out what I want as well as pass some on to other coupon using friends, I then put the remainders in my recycling box. If you're embarrassed about being "seen," then go to another neighborhood OR late at night.

and EBAY is excellent for getting sets of coupons !!!!! --- if I find a good one I start hunting on ebay for a good group.

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